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Process and Performance Capability Measurement in Six Sigma

Organizations should regularly evaluate existing processes to make sure they meet targets and specifications set by their customer and business requirements. Measuring and analyzing process capability and performance enables an organization to report its sigma level and improvement teams to targets their efforts effectively. This course explores the key concepts related to process capability and performance, and the methods of measuring and interpreting common performance indices. It also discusses how to verify the stability and normality of a given process and identify key considerations for measuring process capability, such as short-term and long-term capability and sigma shift.This course is aligned to the ASQ Body of Knowledge and is designed to assist Green Belt candidates toward their certification and become productive members on their Six Sigma project teams.

Target Audience
Candidates seeking Six Sigma Green Belt certification; also quality professionals, engineers, production managers, and frontline supervisors; process owners and champions charged with the responsibility of improving quality and processes at the organizational or departmental level

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Process and Performance Capability Measurement in Six Sigma

  • distinguish between process limits and specification limits
  • categorize examples of performance metrics
  • demonstrate your understanding of concepts related to process performance and capability
  • sequence the steps of a process capability study
  • determine the stability of a process using a control chart
  • identify methods of verifying normality for a given process
  • determine the stability and normality of a given process
  • calculate the Cp of a given process
  • calculate the Cpk of a given process
  • rate the capability of a process based on Cp and Cpk values
  • calculate the Pp of a given process
  • calculate the Ppk of a given process
  • identify the characteristics of the Cpm index and when it's used
  • assess the capability and performance of a given process
  • interpret the capability and performance index results in a process capability study
  • recommend action to improve a process in a given scenario
  • estimate the long-term capability of a given process
  • assess a given process using capability and performance indices



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