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Basics of Six Sigma Project Management

Effective management of a Six Sigma project is critical to delivering expected organizational results. It requires a disciplined approach to managing schedules, costs, and deliverables. This course will examine the basic project management tools used in a successful Six Sigma project. You will learn how to create a project charter and how project scope and metrics are developed, and gain insight into the tools used to plan and implement a Six Sigma improvement initiative. This course is aligned to the ASQ Body of Knowledge and is designed to assist Green Belt candidates toward achieving their certifications and becoming productive members of their Six Sigma project teams.

Target Audience
Candidates seeking Six Sigma Green Belt certification; quality professionals, engineers, production managers, and frontline supervisors; process owners and champions charged with the responsibility of improving quality and processes at the organizational or departmental level

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Basics of Six Sigma Project Management

  • recognize examples of the elements of a project charter
  • recognize a well-written problem statement
  • recognize a well-written project charter
  • identify the purpose of establishing a well-defined project scope
  • identify best practices when scoping a Six Sigma project
  • identify characteristics of a given process by interpreting its process map
  • sequence the steps for creating a Pareto chart
  • determine the scope for a Six Sigma project using scoping tools
  • classify examples of metrics as either primary or secondary
  • determine the metrics for a Six Sigma project
  • identify how planning tools are used during a Six Sigma project
  • interpret a given Gantt chart
  • identify the critical path for a given activity network diagram
  • use the PERT formula to calculate expected time
  • use planning tools to gather project information and determine durations
  • identify the characteristics of key documentation categories
  • recognize the requirements for documenting a Six Sigma project
  • identify key activities associated with risk analysis
  • assign a priority score based on probability and impact to a given risk
  • identify the activities associated with project closure
  • perform activities related to project risk analysis and closure




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