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Cloud Technology Enablers

This course takes a closer look at the main enabling technologies and core components that allow clouds to function. While the cloud is not necessarily dependant on virtualization, it's widely accepted that any competitive cloud will utilize it. Infrastructural and network connectivity considerations of the modern datacenter are greatly influenced by the requirements of the cloud. Datacenter infrastructure and components must be designed to address security, scalability, disaster recovery, and redundant high-speed connectivity needed to provide a successful cloud service.

Target Audience
This course is intended for IT professionals including managers, engineers, and technical staff evaluating or implementing cloud computing applications and services. The course outlines the benefits and downfalls of implementing or using services in a cloud and helps IT professionals determine what types of technology or services are suitable for cloud networks and how those services are hosted in a cloud computing environment.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Cloud Technology Enablers

  • match key virtualization terms to their descriptions
  • describe how virtualization is leveraged by the cloud
  • differentiate between server Virtualization solutions
  • describe virtualization as a solution to a business owner
  • identify how virtualization enhances cloud computing
  • determine the appropriate virtualization solution for a given scenario
  • describe how the cloud has influenced the requirements of modern data center
  • specify which functional area of the datacenter is responsible for a particular application-related task
  • match the domains of the datacenter infrastructure to their function
  • determine the most appropriate connection method for a given scenario
  • identify statements describing key features of modern datacenters
  • determine which domain of a datacenter infrastructure will perform specific tasks
  • Trajanje: 
    1 h

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