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Establishing Team Goals and Responsibilities

All individuals have strengths that allow them to achieve goals consistently and successfully. In a team setting, those individual strengths can combine to lead the whole team to success, or they can create conflict and tension. To harness individual strengths and personalities, you need solid ground rules for the team. You also need to allocate roles and responsibilities for maximum efficiency. This course outlines initial steps that should be performed when building a team, including establishing the team goal and assigning roles to individual team members in a way that ensures the team will collectively meet its goal. The course also discusses the importance of fully understanding one's responsibilities and how the various roles work together to achieve the goal.

Target Audience
All levels of employees; anyone who participates on any type of team

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Establishing Team Goals and Responsibilities

  • analyze given team goals and recommend any necessary improvements
  • identify examples of team goals that are in alignment with a given corporate goal
  • recognize team goals that are clear and measurable
  • assign responsibilities to given team members
  • identify areas related to expectations that team members need to understand

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