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Getting Started with Lotus Notes 8 and Using Mail

Lotus Notes 8 is the most recent release of IBM's messaging and collaboration software. Notes 8 has many features that help increase end users' productivity and manage scheduling, allowing them to streamline the way they work. The core component of the application remains its robust e-mail functionality. This course explores the updated user interface of Notes, and introductory topics on Lotus Notes Applications and using the built-in help system. Also included in the course are discussions on how to compose and send e-mail messages, as well as perform additional mailbox management tasks.

Target Audience
Individuals using, or planning to use, Lotus Notes Version 8 for messaging, communication, information services, and collaboration.


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Getting Started with Lotus Notes 8 and Using Mail

  • recognize how to log in, open an appropriate application, and log out of Lotus Notes 8
  • associate Lotus Notes 8 applications and plug-ins with their functions
  • recognize how to navigate applications in Lotus Notes 8
  • recognize how to set basic preferences for applications
  • determine how to use the appropriate Help feature in a given scenario
  • recognize how to use Lotus Notes 8 search functions to find information in applications and on the Web
  • open and navigate applications in a given scenario, using Search and Help functions to find information
  • recognize how to create, send, and recall mail using the Lotus Notes 8 mail application
  • recognize the functions of interface components in the Lotus Notes 8 mail application
  • recognize how to open and read mail, and use Notes Minder to announce incoming mail
  • determine the appropriate way to reply to or forward a received mail message in a given scenario
  • recognize how to sort and search mail in Lotus Notes 8
  • identify mail Preference options and recognize how to customize the appearance of messages
  • recognize how to automatically manage mail by creating rules
  • recognize how to set up an out-of-office notification to automatically respond to incoming mail
  • create, read, respond to, and manage mail messages in a given scenario
  • Trajanje: 
    2,5 h

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