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IT Strategy Essentials: Creating an IT Strategy Plan

Once you've identified the value IT brings to your organization and determined the level of alignment between the IT Department and business strategies, it's time to create an IT strategy plan. The plan provides a roadmap of the IT initiatives that create business value and align with business objectives. This course describes steps in developing such a roadmap. It explains how to create an IT vision statement and strategic objectives that follow from that vision. It outlines a process for reviewing and improving the enterprise model and architecture so the strategic objectives can be achieved. In addition, the course describes how to analyze IT initiatives so that you are prioritizing those that lead to business success.

Target Audience
Individuals involved in strategic IT planning, implementation, and management in their organization, as well as anyone in the business who wants to better understand the role of IT strategy in meeting organizational goals

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

IT Strategy Essentials: Creating an IT Strategy Plan

  • match the elements typically found in an IT strategic plan with their descriptions
  • assess the effectiveness of the IT vision and strategic objectives for a given scenario
  • recognize examples of how to help ensure the enterprise architecture meets strategic IT objectives
  • recognize examples of the steps for determining which initiatives to include in an IT strategic plan
  • Trajanje: 
    1 h

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