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IT Strategy Essentials: Implementing an IT Strategy

After your IT strategy plan is complete, you can start implementing it. But first you need to get buy-in from various stakeholders so that the work that's required to carry out the IT strategic initiatives can move forward smoothly. It's important, therefore, to communicate the plan to the stakeholders and get their feedback. When this is accomplished, you can execute the required strategies and measure the results. This course not only explains how to communicate your IT plans effectively to different stakeholders but also describes the key steps to take when executing the IT strategy. It points to the importance of developing a business case for each IT initiative, and the benefits of project management to help see the implementation through. The course also outlines some key steps in measuring a strategy, including how to use a balanced scorecard to measure strategy success.

Target Audience
Individuals involved in strategic IT planning, implementation and management in their organization, as well as anyone in the organization who wants to better understand the role of IT strategy in meeting organizational goals

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

IT Strategy Essentials: Implementing an IT Strategy

  • assess how well an IT strategy has been communicated in a given scenario
  • recognize examples of tasks carried out during the implementation of an IT strategy
  • recognize key steps in measuring an IT strategy
  • match examples to the appropriate category of an IT-specific balanced scorecard
  • Trajanje: 
    1 h

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