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Scheduling Events and Managing Applications

The Lotus Notes calendar is a key application in the Lotus Notes 8 client that allows users to effectively manage their time and streamline the way they work. Using the Calendar, you can share your free and busy time with colleagues, as well as create and book meetings. This course discusses the calendar interface and how to book appointments and meetings with colleagues. This course also shows you how to set up Notes 8 applications to fulfill a variety of other user functions, and shows you how to create and format documents within those applications. Configuring and working with TeamRoom Documents is covered in detail as an example of a collaborative application.

Target Audience
Individuals using, or planning to use, Lotus Notes Version 8 for messaging, communication, information services, and collaboration.


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Scheduling Events and Managing Applications

  • recognize how to determine a user's level of access and identify what actions that user is authorized to perform
  • recognize how to create and organize applications
  • recognize how to navigate, read, and organize Notes 8 documents
  • recognize how to create Notes 8 documents
  • recognize how to modify documents using editing and formatting tools
  • identify the functions of TeamRoom documents and profiles
  • recognize how to create a response to a TeamRoom Main Document
  • create an application to fulfill a specified function, in a given scenario
  • create and edit documents within an application, in a given scenario
  • recognize how to create and display entries in the calendar application
  • recognize how to create and edit items on the to do list
  • recognize how to share scheduling information and determine the availability of invitees when scheduling events
  • recognize appropriate approaches for responding to and managing incoming invitations
  • recognize how to create, manage, and modify meeting invitations
  • use the calendar and to do list applications to create, organize, and manage events in a given scenario
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    1 h

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