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Working with Instant Messaging, Contacts, and Blogs

Lotus Notes 8 is a version of IBM's popular feature-rich messaging and collaboration software. Notes 8 ships with updated core features and powerful new capabilities to provide an enhanced user experience. This course discusses how to communicate with colleagues using the updated instant messaging features, and how to add and update e-mail contacts as well as instant messaging contacts. Also covered in this course is the new Lotus Notes blog feature which enables user to publish content to their own personal blogs.

Target Audience
Individuals using, or planning to use, Lotus Notes Version 7 for messaging, communication, information services, and collaboration.


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Working with Instant Messaging, Contacts, and Blogs

  • recognize how to manage your instant messaging online status
  • determine how to initiate a chat from within Lotus Notes 8
  • recognize how to save a transcript of an instant messaging session
  • use Instant Messaging to communicate with online users in a given scenario
  • recognize how to create and update Contact entries
  • recognize how to use the Contacts file to organize contacts and address messages
  • recognize how to enter or delete instant messaging contacts and groups
  • recognize how to organize and use instant messaging contacts
  • enter, organize, and use contacts in a given scenario
  • recognize how to set up a blog using wizards
  • distinguish between types of access that can be assigned for a blog
  • recognize how to create a new blog application
  • recognize basic procedures for adding content to a blog
  • recognize how to contribute to and manage discussions on a blog
  • set up a basic blog using wizards, in a given scenario
  • set up and manage a discussion on a blog, in a given scenario
  • Trajanje: 
    2,5 h

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